August 8, 2020

The Puebla Panama Plan In The 2002 Budget

As of this fiscal year, direct fiscal resources will begin to be allocated for the Puebla Panama Plan (PPP) and for regional development in the South-Southeast of the Republic.

The budget proposal presented by the Executive imported an amount of 5,802.4 million pesos. The Chamber of Deputies increased this expense by 962 million pesos, which brought the figure to 6,764.4 million pesos.

This amount is 189 percent higher than the 2,212 million destined for the region in 2001.

Of the agreements for this area, 82 percent will be exercised by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation for the construction and improvement of roads and port infrastructure; 507.7 million will be used for tourism development; 325.1 for environment; 202.2 million for social development (through the Secretaries of Social Development and Health); 107.1 for the maquiladora program “March to the South” and 63.2 million for the coordinating office of the Plan.

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