Mesoamerica Civilization

over 500 years ince ago, the peoples of Mesoamerica have suffered violent invasion of their territories. This has meant the extermination of entire populations, the dispossession of land, natural resources and the destruction of ancient cultures. In these 5 centuries, more than 140 indigenous nations disappeared and those that managed to survive did so by resisting in many different ways.

Our peoples first resisted the European invasion and colonization and in the last 150 years the expansionism of North American capitalism. These lands have known great indigenous rebellions and great massacres, such as the one that occurred in El Salvador in 1932.

From Panama to Puebla there is a long tradition of struggle. Great citizen revolts have claimed democracy, respect for national sovereignty and justice.

In the last 20 years, in the face of the new expansion of large multinational corporations, our peoples have deployed a wide variety of responses: forums, meetings, violent revolts, peaceful resistance, alternative development actions, cultural projects, resistance and proposals.

In these pages you will find the struggles of organized groups, their approaches and proposals in relation to the resistance to the Puebla Panama Plan being carried out.